We love our city, and think you will too.
Check out some of our favorite local businesses, owned by some of the most unique, fun, and down to earth individuals we've ever been lucky enough to meet.

Strange Matter
929 W Grace St www.strangematterrva.com Graffiti painted bathrooms, $2 dance parties, vegan burger nights, vintage arcade games, and bike delivery. A small group of the most involved musicians and promoters in this city are bringing the punk life back to Grace Street.

823 W Cary St www.821cafe.com Richmonders don't even know how lucky they are to have 821 Cafe. On the average day, you'll be surrounded by touring metal bands, Nas playing on the speakers, art on the walls you wish you could buy, and vegan brunch all day long. And order a mimosa, seriously.

Chop Suey
2913 W Cary St www.chopsueybooks.com In the spirit of individuality, underdog perseverance and freedom of speech, chop suey books brings you an eclectic collection of everything you need.

309 N Laurel St www.nilerichmond.com more pictures to come Ethiopian food is traditionally eaten with your hands, making it perfect for a sexy date. This family run restaurant offers lots of gluten free and vegetarian dishes, along with amazing ginger martinis. Ethiopian cuisine is like its people, diverse, colorful, flavorful and complex.

Velocity Comics
819-A West Broad Street www.velocitycomics.com They have everything: new comics, vintage comics, action figures, local zines, posters of big titted superheriones, awkward dudes who won't look you in the eyes. If Velocity had beer we would never leave.

Vinyl Conflict
324 South Pine St www.vinylconflict.com If the coolest kids with the coolest record collections opened a vinyl shop where you can chill, buy back patches, and shoot the shit about how good things used to be, it would look something exactly like Vinyl Conflict.

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Rumors Boutique
404 North Harrison Street
Richmond, Virginia
(804) 726-9944